Expanding Influence

Does God ever surprise you? When we returned in January we had no idea the expanding influence there would be for church planting vision for Japan. Influence was building late last year, but this year John has been scrambling to keep up with the developments. There are several streams of interconnected movements and leaders partnering together toward a Japan national church planting initiative to see the dream of over 50,000 churches in Japan. If you remember last month we reported on the cutting-edge Vision Festa held in Sendai in July. We also are anticipating the 2017 Japan CPI Conference coming up this October which maybe one of the largest church planting conferences in Japan.

The influence and vision is not just for the nation of Japan but for all of East Asia. You may remember John traveling to Indonesia and Budapest a few years ago. Well the East Asia regional group of Global Church Planting Network resulted from those travels. This same group will gather in Japan for the first regional network meeting. Teams will join the Japan team from Mongolia, South Korea, Taiwan, and China and other countries to plan church multiplication strategies for our respective countries. We are praying for a dream team for Japan of 6-10 key national leaders. We anticipate 15-30 total leaders to gather on September 26-28 in Ikoma city in the Kansai area. John has several responsibilities including scheduling, program, and other matters. Just before this meeting on September 25-26 is a national mission forum follow-up from last year’s Congress on Evangelism. Our project team Church Multiplication will be meeting to plan for future influence. Ask God for strength and blessing through travels, responsibilities, and influential discussions.


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