Did the Tsunami Change the Church?

“How Did the Biggest Disaster in the History of Japan Change the Church?”
Reflecting on my limited observations of one JEA denomination, several local churches, and local churches in the disaster area we know.
1) I don’t think for many churches that have changed at all. Yes, they prayed, gave, even some volunteered but for most nothing has really changed. Not unlike the Kobe quake but maybe more involvement this time.
2) Also some churches did not change but were forced to change by passions, missional nature of some people, and their proximity to the disaster area. Many did not want to be involved but were forced to. Some decided not to engage.
3) Yes, I think many churches have changed who have been engaged. They will never be the same again. Several lessons people have learned.
a. When it comes to disaster relief you cannot do this alone. The enormity of the problems are far beyond the scope of one church or even a group of churches.
b. You must partner with others, churches, parachurch groups, relief agencies. Every partner brings certain gifts, strengths and roles to the relationship.
c. And these partners but be in close proximity to the disaster victims. Many churches were not but they could align with ones that were and be a support.
d. Churches and groups are learning that attraction evangelism is not enough, we must be sending churches. Those that learned those lessons continue to change.

So barriers between churches have come down, barriers between the church and communities have come down as well.

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