Crisis in the Japanese Home

In this current age of crisis, we are facing major problems in Japanese homes. Society has a major influence on couples and family sexual morals. Abuse and violence are problems in the home. Our mission is to bring recovery to family relationships and to help families grow in a healthy manner. This society does not create a healthy environment for children. While children are growing, they get caught in the pressure of competitive society and there are many bullying problems at school. These are serious social problems. There are other serious problems, including the use of cell phones and the internet for harming children. Children today are facing these kinds of increasing problems. Adults are at a loss to know how to deal with these problems. We need to review our mission to youth and help children grow up in a healthy manner, cooperating with families and schools. Therefore, we must study the problems at a deeper level and work on cooperating.

* From the Sapporo Declaration of the 5th Japan Congress of Evangelism

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