CPI Conference Update

CPI Onward Logos The Japan 2007 CPI Conference is in just two weeks (Nov 6-9). We have been busy for it but wanted to pass on some updates. Registrations (counting over 70 children) just topped 400.

CPI conference is coming along smoothly. Several cool things, a Japanese evangelism movie premiere, the largest number of Rengo pastors to attend any conference ever, the most exciting training offered with most exciting presenters, the widest denominational and missionagency representation ever (God’s Kingdom is big), and other cool things. (Check the website for updates www.JCPI.Net).

And do not forget to pray for the conference and for us. John is the director, has one main speaking assignment. Elaine is doing some training and is coordinating the women’s luncheon. Tim is also working in helping the media team and training support team. Plus we have a lot of people, just like you from the US, visiting us and helping out. We are tracking with 22 people from 3 churches and a few other people who are in and out of our house in the next 3 weeks. We know there is a powerful God alive, just pray we would personally experience it.

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