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This appeared in our mailbox this week.  It is a flyer promoting the release o the movie “The Rebirth of Buddha.”  On this page the girl says, “I want to know the truth.” to which the man responds “I will tell you the truth, and you will repent …”

Who is BuddahThere is a clear appeal to children by using animation (anime).  This film which started its run on 10/17 was produced with the help of the Nepal embassy and a Buddhist association for the education of children.  This is Japan a land of pluralism.

But Also coming to a Theater new you

Though this particular film is not yet released in the US (to my belief), Japanese popular culture through anime, video games, graphic novels (manga) has had a steady influence worldwide from the 50s and has really connected with current generations (our son is a great student of Japanese pop culture).  Films from ten years ago like the Matrix were strong conveyers of Japanese popular due to the influence on the writer/directors.  Most children in the US grew up on the steady diet of Japanese worldview of spirits, powers, and magic.  However, few notice the subtleties of this world view opposed to the Christian worldview.

Here in Japan many Christians are trying to capitalize on the interest in Japan art driven culture.  The Manga Bible has been very popular and is out in many languages.

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