Cheers & Tears

I just arrived back home from one meeting and caught Elaine’s Bible study as it finished and the ladies were leaving. I was told that they all needed Kleenex as there were many tears during the study. They had been studying “weep with those who weep” and were being compassionate for some of the people they knew going through suffering. Ministry often brings tears doesn’t it?

April was a month full of meetings with key leaders and several new opportunities to strengthen churches toward reproduction. During the CPI seminars many eager leaders dreamed and planned for more effective, healthy, and relevant churches in Japan. Whole mission agencies and networks – now tired of the status quo – are believing God for new things and are planning to make new impacts with new types and approaches to churches. One great cheer for the month was having lunch with a Japanese pastor in Nagoya who I had never met. His church is only 8 years old. They have already planted 3 churches and they are ready to plant more.

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