Born in the USA

We all are doing quite well; and we hope you are doing well. Although the increase in Covid cases is a bit scary like earlier in the Spring, we continue to do what we know we must to stay safe and healthy. Please have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year! 

            We are very conscious of all the adjustments we are making learning to live again in the USA. We were both born in the US and raised in the Midwest. Then again, we have spent most of our adult lives in Japan, 35 years, which means we have much to relearn. Both of us have changed very much and also the US has changed while we are away. Therefore thanks for your prayers for our adjustment to our “new home.” John says he is busier than before as his ministry has expanding from Japan to include all of Asia. Just recently he zoomed with leaders from Japan, Taiwan, Mongolia, India, Korea, Europe, North America, and even East and West Africa. Elaine is enjoying her “retirement.” She said that nothing in terms of ministry has changed. She still has all the mentoring and Bible studies she had before, just without a paycheck or need to write reports.

What is God Doing

  1. Japan CPI sponsored Grace Week online in Japanese for the first time called Grace Weekends. Over 6 weeks about 80 people participated in learning, small groups, and personal reflection on the gospel of Grace. Normally these are retreats with about 20-30 people, so no one expected about 80 participants! John wrote weekly devotional reflections to complement the online meeting. Pray for future plans for English and Japanese training in Japan.
  2. Elaine received an encouraging email from a Japanese lady in her online Bible study. She said that due to Covid-19 restrictions she had no idea what to do and nothing seemed pleasurable. Then in September the Bible study resumed and she could meet with her classmates and discuss the Bible. She sure enjoys Elaine’s leadership of the group which “makes me happy. Having Bible study is my precious time.”
  3. Thanks for praying for the Global Church Planting Network’s global leaders’ consultation November 17-20. A significant meeting where John co-represented the East Asia region.

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