Our Compassion for Japan Tour is over. This has been our longest Home Assignment in ten years. We have enjoyed visiting our 35 churches and seeing 25 individual supporters. We have been amazed and grateful for the reception this time, many are so concerned about Japan and were very receptive to our presentations and challenge to be more compassionate wherever God places us. We are excited that Japan is on many people’s hearts and prayers. Miraculously God rallied several interested churches and individuals to make up the last $500/mo. in needed support. So we are off again to Japan on October 24th.

Besides ministering in churches, this has been a very meaningful time to be in the US. We have spent quality time with both our children, shared the last few months of John’s mother’s life, and saw the birth of our second grandchild. We have seen Tim enjoying his nearly perfectly fit job as an interpreter. As we leave we are very hopeful for our entire extended family. Just last week we joyously celebrated Christmas in October. But leaving is painful as we leave again our two children and particularly difficult this time by leaving two wonderful grandchildren behind.

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