A Tsunami of Blessing

You have been faithful in praying. God has opened the gates of blessings on our lives in September. There are so many blessings we have to stop and think about how many. We also are not sure which was a greater miracle.

  • Tim got a tremendous job working as an interpreter in the welding department of a Japanese firm building passenger train cars.  He is doing extremely well.
  • We got the green light from the Home Office to return to Japan. Our financial support might be a little inconsistent but determined adequate to let us return. We leave for Japan October 24th.
  • We sold John’s mother’s house after being on the market just 3 months and got our target price.
  • On September 19th, our first grandson (and #2 grandchild) Dawson was born. We were able to be there for the event. Everyone is doing fine.
  • And we got our visa application approved and the paperwork needed to return, undelayed.

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