2017 CPI Conference – Gospel & Mission

The venue was packed. We had no more beds. We used every meeting room. We were sold out and for the first time John had to turn away people wanting to attend the 2017 CPI National Conference, October 25-27. This was the biggest CPI Conference ever with the largest number of adults (476) and the largest number of children (169) attending. We were very thankful for the large group of volunteers that came to support the children’s, youth, and other programs.
This conference changed our ministry for the better two years ago. This year it encouraged us and helped us be effective in ministry and to dream bigger & attempt bigger things.

As many leaders reflected it was also probably the best ever CPI Conference. We enjoyed speakers including Joshua Harris (who is half Japanese) and Robert Greene from the Acts 29 Network. The training was probably the best offered in gospel renewal, church planting, evangelism, discipleship, worship, leadership development, missional communities, prayer and resilience in ministry. Both Elaine and John trained in the Gospel Renewal track. The Pre-Conference was without doubt the finest offered. New video at https://youtu.be/hfbQ8kcP_X8.

Please pray as the CPI Leadership Team contemplates the next steps in finding an even larger venue for 2019, our 25th anniversary conference. We are also planning numerous regional equipping seminars throughout 2018 and 2019. Next up is our Grace Week Intensives in Feb and May.

John’s book was distributed

William Carey Library Publishers shipped the books just in time to be brought to the conference.

All the funds were received to present a copy to all English readers.

Pray for the next step as we complete a Japanese version of the book.

John and Elaine have several other writing projects in motion.

For more information on the book see this website.

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