Shake, rattle, and roll

Last week there was an earthquake in Illinois (our US home). No reported damage. On April 4th, Tokyo got a 5 point earthquake. Japan is in an earthquake area for several large tectonic plates meet. So 20% of the world’s biggest earthquakes are in Japan. This is relatively close to our home.

Why Japan? The Case for Missions #1

Why Japan? The Case for Missions Several months ago I was asked by a volunteer short-term worker why Japan was so important compared to Darfur or other needy places. My answer was simple. People without the salvation of Jesus face eternal punishment regardless of where or who they are. This is why missionaries have gone to the ends of the earth, not to civilize people, but to introduce them to the Savior Jesus Christ. But …

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URGENT Need in Japan for Teachers

URGENT NEED IN JAPAN Dear Friends in Christ,    The BGC Japan Mission team would like to thank you for your support of BGC mission work in Japan.  We are celebrating the addition of Lori Harms to our team, and reflecting on the many years of service of the Sorleys as they head into retirement this year. One of the passions of our mission is the education of missionary children (MKs).  Jane Fischer continues to reach …

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