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From Regional, to National, to Regional, to Global

February 28th, 2008 by Elaine Mehn

I was able to see many ways and many places in which God is working in new bigger ways than I’ve seen in Japan before. Give me bigger, expectation and fuel for prayer for how God might work in our area…. Mostly God showed me that I am not alone in ministry. Living in a prefecture where little is happening, you tend to lose sight of the big picture. I had been feeling isolated & lonely, but God has reminded me I am not alone, and I am encouraged to seek at networking…. My vision for my region is growing and starting to take shape as I interact with others and learn more about networking.

The longer we are in Japan the more we see the need for regular support and training for those on the frontlines of ministry. Ministry anywhere is hard in Japan it is frighteningly difficult. Read the rest of this entry »

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Why you should come to Japan – Reason #34

February 2nd, 2008 by Elaine Mehn

Japanese Need Christian FriendsVery few Japanese have a Christian friend. In Asia Buddhists (Hindus and Muslims) have relatively little contact with Christians; over 86% do not even know a Christian! This would probably be much higher for Japan as there are so few Christians (less than 1%).As it is crucial for evangelism to have a personal relationship, that is why we need you to consider coming to Japan “to make friends for Jesus.” (Data from Evangelical Missions Quarterly Oct 2007)

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2008 Year Long Prayer List

February 1st, 2008 by Elaine Mehn

YEARLY PRAYER REQUESTS 2008 (Please keep this list for the entire year)

1. Ask God to bless our daughter Beth and her fiancé Dustin Melancen as they prepare to be married on June 28th and begin a new life together.

2. Ask God for his blessing on our son Tim as he plans to return to the US after living in Japan this year. Pray for his personal development, his work responsibilities, and his maturing in relationships throughout this year.

3. Ask God for His guidance in planning our next Home Assignment – “the Mehn US Tour ’09” from January to June 2009.

4. Ask God for his mercy and blessing for the completion of John’s DMin research project on reproducing churches this year, for the interviews of Japanese leaders, and as he prepares his final paper.

5. Ask God to encourage Rengo leaders to develop new church planting networks building on the first model LEAD Team which is just finishing.

6. Ask God to mobilize his people to enable CPI to establish several new regional church planting networks and many regional seminars during this calendar year.

7. Ask God for His rich blessing on the BGC Japan Mission as we seek to recruit 3 new Term missionary units in 4 years along with many short term workers, short term teams, and strategic partnerships with US churches.


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