Our Ideal Visit to Your Church


Elaine would be coming with (she’s the one people listen to).  Our ideal visit – keep these things in mind we can talk details later.

  1. We would like to speak to everyone via a message on Sunday.  The message is a missions/evangelism sermon, sharing our lives, and illustrate from our various ministries in Japan.  The message is not a ministry report but a message that includes illustrations from our ministries. This time my missional message would be along the lines of the Kingdom of God and how the church is to make the invisible visible through compassionate mission in the communities God has called us to serve.  I have learned so much this term about the King and the Kingdom transforming all it touches.  Elaine will also be involved in the message probably sharing an illustration.  The message would be accompanied by visual media (PowerPoint).
  2. We would love to meet with your Cross Cultural Ministry team and talk about how we can better partner for ministry together.  Most churches find these meetings very profitable talking about prayer mobilization, short-term ministries, sister churches, and other areas of partnering.
  3. We love meeting with small groups if that could be arranged, especially those small groups which partner with us and our ministry.  We love to partner with these groups for prayer mobilization and active involvement.
  4. I work quite a bit with national leaders here and if there is a chance to meet with your church staff/leadership that would be great too.  We are leaders too and like to hang out with them.  This could be casual and informal.

Several things to be aware.

  1. We both, Elaine and John, plan to come visit every church as much as possible.  Assume we are both coming unless we tell you otherwise.  Assume Tim and Beth are not coming.
  2. We both work best as a team but it is perfectly all right to split us up to cover more ground.
  3. We work best with adults.  College/career or high school youth is ok too.
  4. We plan to arrive 30 minutes before any presentation to allow adequate preparation.  We want to be prepared ahead of time and then we will have a lot of time to greet people and pray.
  5. We will like to set up a small display table with literature in the entrance way, if possible.

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