Ministry Teams

We are developing relationships with key churches in the area and with the Rengo nationally. Teams would be very helpful in local church ministry.

These could be combined with prayer walking teams or administrative help.

Help these churches with their outreach. Some ideas for pre-evangelism and evangelism are:


  1. Sports ministry
  2. English based ministry
  3. Music ministry
  4. Performing Arts – Drama, Dance, Mime/Pantomime
  5. Cooking, Craft classes
  6. Seminar ministry – Experienced Persons well qualified to speak on one or more of the following topics:
  • Alcohol & Drug Abuse Issues
  • Business
  • Computer Management or Software
  • Counseling (preferably with cross-cultural experience)
  • Disability Issues
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Educational Psychology and/or Methodology
  • Environmental Issues
  • Medical & Paramedical Issues
  • How Communities Can Initiate Paramedic Services, etc.)
  • NGO Formation and Operation
  • Societal Issues (Aging, Parenting, Suicide, Unemployment, etc.)
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Other Fields

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