Financial Partnering

Currently we have barely all of our monthly support, but in the next few months we anticipate a deficit. We are looking for more financial partners for our ministry, both churches and individuals.  Currently we have over 40 churches and dozens of individuals who partner with us financially to further ministry in Japan.  

Please pray and consider becoming joining our ministry partners team.

1. Financial needs information

For our current monthly financial needs see the information at the Baptist General Conference (BGC) website Click Here.

(Scroll down to the box with Japan and look for John and Elaine Mehn). In fiscal 06-07 we were 101.1% supported, and we anticipate some slippage in coming months.

If you need more information about our financial support, please contact Duane Harms at the BGC via email, or by phone at 1-800-323-4215 x.3509.

2. To give via regular US mail

Send your credit card information, check, or money order along with a note indicating your designation to John and Elaine Mehn, account 49651. If sending credit card information, please be sure to enclose your phone number and/or email address should they need to contact you for verification.

Please address your information to:

Accounting Department,
Baptist General Conference,
2002 S. Arlington Heights Road
Arlington Heights, IL 60005-4193

3. To give online at the Baptist General Conference website though PayPal Click Here.

(Click on Please Choose one item in the scroll box. Scroll down and look for John and Elaine Mehn).

4. There is a ton of helpful financial giving information at the Baptist General Conference website. Click Here.

5. If you are interested in giving to a SPECIAL PROJECT related to our ministry just as CPI or Women’s Ministries or generally related to Japan please contact us directly.

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