Japan Workers in Trouble

Japan has the largest unemployment rate right now than since the end of World War II. Also those employed are not very happy.  A recent global workforce study by Towers and Perrin said that Japanese workers are worldwide the least “engaged” in their work with only 28% of workers liking their jobs. Pray that the church in Japan would be engaged in bringing true hope to Japanese.

Very Untypical Four Days

We are often asked what a typical day is for us.  Well, we are still out searching for one.  But sometimes we have very untypical days. John was recently on a 4 day trip to 4 locations, 3 cities, 3 prefectures, 1421.7 km (883.4 miles) mainly by bullet train, 2 interviews, a sermon on forgiveness, sermon training for lay people, an ad hoc mission Executive Committee mtg., the Rengo Mission Liaison committee meeting, the Rengo …

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