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Great 7-Up Hunt is Over

April 18th, 2010 by John

As you may know John loves 7-Up but it is hard to find even in the world’s biggest city. John wrote about it last year.

Recently 7-Up has been appearing nearly everywhere in Japan. We think it could be because of the previous blog. John was in Nagoya and found it in a machine on the train platform. In Machida alone we have found it at no less than four machines. Some of them sell it at a discount of only 100 yen.

We are beginning to expect to see 7-Up when we see the blue Suntory vending machines. John has been tame and does not buy very many. But it is fun that the Great 7-Up hunt is over, at least until the sales season ends.

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Great 7-Up hunt

September 14th, 2009 by John

Tokyo is a world-class city and you can find anything you want, if you are willing to pay for it.  Some things are readily available like Coke, Pringles, and Snickers.  I love 7-up but unlike other imported beverages it is hard to find.  Some restaurants carry it but they are few and far between (though one is in Machida!).

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