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Interested in Japanese Buddha?

May 2nd, 2010 by John

Today I was pruning our hedges and two women came by and asked if I would like to read a book on the Japanese Buddha.  I commented that I can read Japanese but I am not interested in the Japanese Buddha but I am interested in the creator of the universe.  I think it caught them by surprise.  Buddhism does not have a concept of a creator in which we are accountable.  I am not trying to be intolerant though I have studied Buddhism but it fails to bring the hope, peace and purpose of knowing the God of the universe.  Pray for the Japanese that they may have more than just religious culture but a true relationship with their Creator.

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Japan Workers in Trouble

August 29th, 2009 by John

Japan has the largest unemployment rate right now than since the end of World War II.

Also those employed are not very happy.  A recent global workforce study by Towers and Perrin said that Japanese workers are worldwide the least “engaged” in their work with only 28% of workers liking their jobs.

Pray that the church in Japan would be engaged in bringing true hope to Japanese.

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