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Hikikomori Answers

February 1st, 2014 by John

Five years ago I wrote a blog on the psychological scourge affecting a large number of young people, hikikomori. I have not heard much good news from five years ago until now. Last week Elaine and I had lunch with Pastor Koichi Hirano and Pastor Nobuo Watanabe at their Setagaya church’s new café. We had not talked with Pastor Hirano for several months and he shared some amazing stories.

The Hikikomori are the Japanese most open to the gospel told Pastor Koichi Hirano of the Tokyo Horizon Chapel. This was not just his opinion but his experience from decades of Japanese ministry and current successes with Hikikomori young people. He explained to us that he just returned from taking a group of 16 of a two-week tour of the US, which he insists is necessary as it removes them completely from their context. He also took a group again in November. Of the Hikikomori kids he has been working with several have followed the Lord in baptism, many are living more normal lives, and some have gone into full-time Christian ministry. He does not work alone in this ministry but they have five licensed counselors working together and a professional psychologist.

For my previous blog on Hikikomori see http://www.gospelrest.com/understanding-hikikomori/

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August 2nd, 2009 by John

Do you miss us already? We left the US for Japan on July 7th. We have been settling in and getting ministry geared up for another term in Japan. We have just completed our ’09 US tour of our partnering churches, one of the best. For six months we shared messages, hung out in small groups, met up with pastors and missions sending teams, and recruited future short-term and long-term missionaries. We also had key times with our extended family, both our kids and John’s mom. We are so grateful to God that in the midst of the worst economy in our lifetimes we were able to increase our financial support and return to Japan as scheduled. Our next Home Assignment “US tour” date is scheduled for Jan 2012 – July 2012.


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Mission Giving Thanks

December 5th, 2008 by John

The Japan Field Thanksgiving CelebrationThis year our November brought our yearly ministry planning for the mission and a fun time of celebrating Thanksgiving together.  This year it was earlier than the traditional US date (but later than Canadian Thanksgiving Day).  We are so thankful to have our new missionary, Lori Harms with us.  Also the Asian Director and his wife were also able to celebrate with us.  We are looking for more people to join our Japan Field Team.

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