The Scientists Who Called Wolf

The other day I received an emergency bulletin from the US embassy indicating that there were severe tsunami warnings along the coast.  They were expecting 30 waves to hit sometime in mid-afternoon on Sunday.  The tsunami – incidentally a Japanese word – would be a result of the huge 8.8 earthquake in Chile. That afternoon I was rushing to the airport by train escorting visitors who were leaving that day.  I noticed several train lines …

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Shaky Camping Trip

John and Elaine were awoken early Wednesday Morning (8/12) by a 6.5 point earthquake less than 30 miles away. Normally in an earthquake we head for the door jams as they are the safest place in a house. But we were camping in a tent and had little to worry about. Fortunately the earthquake caused minor damage. For more information see this page Pray for Christian relief efforts in the areas affected.