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Prayer Items – August

July 30th, 2012 by John

  1. Thank you for praying for our Japan Disaster Relief teams. They have all had very productive times restoring homes and effective ministry with community events.
  2. John and Elaine will be off to the Quad Cities Mission Conference August 12th. John will be sharing his missionary calling to one congregation. Then John and Elaine will lead two seminars on “How Does God Lead You?”  Pray for our preparation and effectiveness and for God to really use these meetings.
  3. Continue to pray for BETH. Beth is doing well in her pregnancy but things are difficult at times and Elaine is helping out around the house. Dustin just got a new job. On 8/19 we have a big family get-together.
  4. Ask for wisdom in scheduling more church visits as we have extended our COMPASSION FOR JAPAN Tour into the fall.
  5. Continue to pray for our support deficit. We are under $450 right now. It changes nearly every day. Pray that we could soon make arrangements for reentry visas and flights to return to Japan.
  6. Ask God to provide Tim with a good job. As you know things are difficult in this economy.
  7. Pray for wisdom, strength and creativity, as John and others prepare in high gear for the CHURCH PLANTERS BootCamp this November.

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July 30th, 2012 by John

We have both been very encouraged with the progress of raising more funding for our church planting, training lay people, mentoring, and disaster response ministries in Japan. We arrived in the US with a significant support deficit, many churches and individuals have stepped up to strengthen our support base. After discussions with our Home Office staff we determined that we would have to delay, for the first time, our return to Japan. We still need to raise $500 per month.  We know that a few churches and individuals could give $100 per month, others could give $50/month, and many could give $25, $15 or $10 per month. Will you consider before God whether you can be more a part of our ministry? We would like to soon make plans for our return to Japan. You can give online at http://www.convergeworldwide.org/give/49651. More information on giving http://www.gospelrest.com/giving-to-the-mehns/.

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July 30th, 2012 by John

Yes, we are still on touring our ministry partners and we are still in the US and for an extended period. Recently we have extended our tour in the US to raise more ministry funding. We hope to return to Japan probably before the end of October. In addition to touring our ministry partners, this will allow us to be in the US for the birth of our grandson in late September, John to do a major mission presentation, allow more time to deal with John’s mother’s estate, give us more time with our kids and relatives, and also means we miss the muggy hot summer of Tokyo (Yes, it is worse there)

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London and Tokyo

July 25th, 2012 by John

When you think about London now due to the Olympics think too about Tokyo.

  • Tokyo hosted the 1964 Summer Olympics and is currently a Candidate City for the 2020 Summer Olympics. Along with my hometown Chicago, Tokyo lost out in the 2016 bid for the Olympics.
  • In 2012 Tokyo was named the most expensive city for expatriates.
  • In 2009 named the third Most Liveable City and the World’s Most Livable Megalopolis.
  • If you like to eat (and can afford) gourmet food, The Michelin Guide has awarded Tokyo by far the most Michelin stars of any city in the world.
  • There is one church in Tokyo for every 12, 675 Japanese.  The Japanese are the largest unreached people group on the planet.  Tokyo, considered by many the center of Japan, has so many competing religions and philosophies.  Pray for the people of Tokyo.

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A Story of One Family

July 23rd, 2012 by John

In late June at the Converge Worldwide (BGC) biennial meeting at First Baptist Church of Glen Arden, John was asked to share a personal God story from Japan disaster response.  John shared about one family living in Ishinomaki who our teams have been able to help practically, emotionally, and spiritually after the terrible earthquake and tsunami. Continue to pray for many people like this family still struggling for “normalcy.”

John Mehn from Converge Worldwide on Vimeo.

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Encouraging Words

July 5th, 2012 by John

Last year Amanda Sands, Director of Communications for Converge Worldwide, came to visit Japan and help with disaster response ministry. As a result she published a cover article in the ConvergePoint magazine last November. Many of you have read this photojournalistic article that introduces the people we have been impacting with our relief teams. We heard last week that this article won third place from the Evangelical Press Association. Congratulations Amanda! If you want to read the article you can find it online at http://www.convergeworldwide.org/resource/doc/converge-point-fall-2011. We have some hardcopies if you need one, just ask.

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The Influence of Presence

July 5th, 2012 by John

In the midst of some discouragements last week, Elaine and I were very encouraged. Drew Robertson was appointed a missionary to the Middle East by Converge Worldwide. He told us a story that surprised us. When he was a little boy he remembers meeting us at his home church of Monmouth Baptist Church, one of our smallest partnering churches. As part of a kids’ club assignment, he also remembers writing us when we were in Japan and we wrote him back and sent him a Japanese baseball card. This he said was at a time when God was speaking to him about missions. We had no idea about any missions influence we had many years ago. I would imagine that many of us do not realize the influence we have on those around us. May God continue to use us all for his Kingdom.

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What is Converge?

July 3rd, 2012 by John

Elaine and I have been associated with Converge Worldwide (formerly Baptist General Conference) since 1973. This video will introduce you to our values and vision of working together. Enjoy!

Converge Identity from Converge Worldwide on Vimeo.

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Prayer Items July

July 3rd, 2012 by John

  1. Our US tour is extended. We heard last week that due to a deficit in our support we will have to delay our departure to Japan until probably October. Pray for opportunities to increase our partnership base.
  2. Praise to God for many encouragements while at the Converge Worldwide Biennial meeting June 27-30.
  3. John’s mother’s house went on sale a few weeks ago. Pray that it sells quickly.
  4. Pray as we continue our “Eastern Trip” and then speak at Springbrook church in Huntley on 7/28-29.
  5. Two teams from three churches will be working in Japan disaster relief this month. Pray that they would do much good and bring real hope in the name of Christ.

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