The Triple Disasters: One Year Later

One year after the triple disasters finds nearly 20,000 dead, 400,000 displaced, over 1 million buildings destroyed, and very little rebuilding. Much of the debris has been removed, equivalent to 120 years of the whole nation’s garbage. Encouragement has come as where Ishinomaki City had 7 churches before the disaster, now it has four more, and counting! Converge Disaster Response ministry is now focusing on long-term help for people and building community. The Samaritan Purse …

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Teams to Arrive in Japan

March will be a busy month with 13 people coming on Converge Worldwide teams. Yas Yoneda, Team Coordinator, along with Craig Nasson from Ludington MI arrive on March 16. A team of 5 from Canada arrives March 23 for two weeks. After Field Council, Asia Director David Jahnke, Nate Jahnke and Chloe Milhous will join the gang working in Ishinomaki. These teams will wrap up their work around April 15th. Pray that they would be …

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March Tour Schedule

Mar 2-4 Speaking at Meadows Christian Fellowship, Rolling Meadows, IL (Our Home Church) Mar 5-8 John at Trinity Seminary class with Dr. Ed Stetzer and others Mar 11 Speaking at Evangel, Wheaton IL Mar 13-15 John to attend Converge Ignite Church Planting Conference near Phoenix Mar 18 Four Generation Mehn Reunion Mar 24-25 Speaking at Fox River Baptist, Appleton, WI Mar 29 Attending Converge MidAmerica Banquet


1. Ask God to equip us to be great encouragers during our travels on Home Assignment. 2. Continue to pray for an answer to our financial support needs as we are over $850/mo. short and will not return as scheduled until we raise more funds. 3. Ask God to bless by granting us wonderful times with our families while in the US. 4. Ask God to grant good unity and clear direction as the Japan …

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What do you eat?

A recent article from LA Weekly compared what American people in LA think Japanese eat. I have no idea what LA people are, let alone what they would think about what Japanese eat, but it is an insightful article. Having lived in Japan over 26 years we get asked all the time what we eat in Japan. Some people seem to have an exaggerated understanding of what Japanese eat. Their impressions are usually the things …

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

In Disaster Response ministry already much has been accomplished. (See this posted video.) Things are getting done with a recent dedication of three more completed homes. Concerts and other community events are ongoing to connect with the community. There is still so much to do. Prayer Points: 1. Ask God to grant permanent meeting places for café ministry, Bible studies, and public worship services. 2. Pray for the preparation of several teams heading to Japan …

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Taking the Next Steps

“Thanks for coming! We can understand more clearly your challenges in Japan.” January was a busy yet rewarding month. We have already been in three states sharing in homes and churches the ministry God has called us to in Japan. Over the next 6 months we plan to visit at least one half of our partnering supporting churches plus responding to other opportunities with churches and individuals. And we desire to exceed 100% financial support. …

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For Many Life is Temporary

Over 9 months later, people in the disaster area still live in temporary homes. Half of the 61,000 homes in Ishinomaki were lost in the tsunami. Difficulty still continues. More homes need to be rebuilt. Video from YouTube about Temporary Housing situation in Ishinomaki. CLICK HERE. One singer at the end is Mika san who we know personally and has done concerts in the Shintake neighborhood.