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How’s Your Support?

November 23rd, 2011 by John

Last week I had someone ask about our financial situation. I thought more of you would like the facts. We have ended the last two years over 100% of our needed financial support. But due to the overall global economy and the declining dollar against the yen this year will be the most challenging. When we came to Japan the dollar was 200 yen, now it is 75, an all time low. This means gasoline (reg) is $7 a gal and milk is $7.50 a gal. Our personal support is behind about $900 per month. We could really use any increase to continue the work of equipping church planters and meeting practical needs through disaster relief. Consider a one-time gift or maybe regular giving throughout the year.

To give to our ministry see the Converge Worldwide website http://www.convergeworldwide.org/give/49651 Just click donation.

In addition, we have some projects we are raising money for. Church Planting Summits for the church planters in the Rengo. Funds for further development in CPI training and support for church planters. Please contact us directly about this.

Some of you may be unable to give financially but there is something very important you can do. Pray that God would supply these financial needs and that His Kingdom would be advanced.

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Bringing Hope in Disaster

November 23rd, 2011 by John

The 1,000 year tsunami occurred over 8 months ago but the struggle continues for victims. Since May Converge Worldwide has sent 8 disaster response teams focusing mainly the in Shintate and Urayashiki neighborhoods of Ishinomaki, one of the cities the tsunami hit the hardest. Over 60 volunteers from 11 different churches have worked over 5,390 man hours (1) distributing relief supplies and goods to 874 individuals totaling over $2,800 dollars and (2) removing the mud and sludge left by the tsunami from 25 homes and preparing them for carpenters to rebuild them.

“Without you here with us, we would lose all hope.” Tsunami Disaster Victim

Evangelism has occurred with personal sharing of faith stories with over 50 victims’ families, distributing literature, and community outreach events. Future ministry will connect more with people through cafés, sports clubs, children and youth ministry. The call has gone out for more volunteers especially carpenters and builders.

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2011 CPI Conference, Wow!

November 23rd, 2011 by John

After the 3.11 quake we almost cancelled the CPI National Conference. I am glad we didn’t. This biennial conference was bigger than in 2009! On November 9-11, nearly 340 missionaries, pastors, and laypeople gathered (along with over 100 children). The theme was “together” church planting in the wake of the quake. Many of those in attendance were from the Tohoku disaster areas or had worked there in ministry this past year.

“We were struggling hard, but we got new encouragement, courage, and vision through CPI.” 2011 Conference Participant

The conference was a time of spiritual refreshment, inspiration, encouragement, and challenge for those attending. This was the first time the main sessions were from an all Japan cast. These speakers, who have been extensively involved in disaster response ministry, including two pastors from the disaster area, challenged those attending to be gospel-centered in all they do and to be compassionate like Jesus as the church extends to new areas. The main sessions used a new small group format for integration and application.

The conference had 20 Core Training sessions on evangelism, discipleship, small groups, prayer, worship, and other church planting training. Several sessions on personal care and support for those in ministry were sponsored by JEMA Member Care.

Over 50 leaders met with CPI leaders where the leaders listened to them answer this question. “Over the next 2-5 years, what are some practical ways to advance God’s Kingdom to increase the number of disciples, leaders, and churches in Japan?” We are still compiling the answers which were extremely creative and helpful.
As well many attendees felt that now is a great opportunity in Japan. Over 90 missionaries and 30 Japanese reported they plan to start new ministries, groups, and churches in the next 2-5 years. They believe that the church as a sending agency would plant more churches. This would extend Christ’s great compassion to Japan and beyond. Pray that God would make that happen.

Upcoming ministry will be Church Planter BootCamps in various regions (Kanto Nov 5-7, 2012) as well as more support and resourcing of church planters. The dates for the 2013 CPI Conference were set for November 11-15.

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Our Thanks

November 23rd, 2011 by John

Happy Thanksgiving. If anytime where was a time to be thankful in Japan it is now. So grateful that God has sustained us through the disasters and empowered us to mobilize others to help. The whole situation is sobering about how fragile life is and how easy it would be for civilization to break down. We are thankful to God for these and many lessons from disaster victims. God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Let’s thank God for his provision for us and many, many others. (While writing this right now there was just a small earthquake.)

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Pray for the CPI Conference

November 3rd, 2011 by John

Please mobilize prayer for the Japan CPI 2011 National Conference. Send prayer requests to your church and denominational and mission headquarters. Get the word out to pray for this conference. A suggested words are below.

In the shadows of the triple disasters in Japan, next week the JEMA Church Planting Institute (CPI) will hold their Japan National Conference (Nov 9-11). There are over 300 missionaries, pastors, and workers coming along with nearly 100 children. Ask God to bless everyone with a new vision for church multiplication and that God may ignite them with His renewal. Beseech God to surprise us with his presence and also work miracles in Japan, a country with little true hope. www.conf.jcpi.net

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