Help Ms. D Rebuild!

On Friday our Mars Hill team finished “mudding out” Ms. D’s house. On Tuesday we will be power washing it and bleaching it. Then we will let it dry before it is rebuilt. But even though we are done there is even more help coming. The day it was completed the Samaritan’s Purse construction manager came and inspected the house and gave approval for it to be in their rebuilding plan. So they will pay …

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The ministry of Japan Disaster Response is the cover article for Converge Point our church movement publication. This article highlights the work of John and Elaine Mehn (among a myriad of others). You can read the article online at A great summary of our last team ministry together was blogged at Phil Tsai’s website We have had over 4 teams from the States from 8 churches and volunteers totaling nearly 50. Our compassionate …

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Prayer Items for September

1. Two disaster response teams are set for deployment to Ishinomaki in September. Both of these teams will be staged and prepared at our home. So we will have many guests. 2. Elaine’s classes are starting up again after a break during the summer heat. Pray that God will continue these relationships and draw the ladies closer to Christ. 3. Pray for preparations and sensitivity as John preaches at the Ishinomaki House of Prayer on …

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HELP NEEDED: CARPENTERS AND BUILDERS NEEDED From our work in Ishinomaki mudding out and deconstructing homes, One Converge Worldwide relief partner is Samaritan’s Purse which has a rebuilding program. They want to rebuild over 300 homes by Christmas. In short, as they say, they want to rebuild everything we tore out of the homes. See their video Along with general volunteers, we need builders and carpenters to come help us with the rebuilding phase. …

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HELP NEEDED: GET MORE INVOLVED IN JAPAN RELIEF 1. To serve in Japan individually or in a team go to 2. We also need you to pray. To pray for Japan and Japan relief 3. We are constantly posting new updates on Japan disaster response and our ministry updates including videos and blogs are at Check them out. 4. Elaine and I recently posted a VIDEO outlining our disaster response ministry. Please …

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HELP NEEDED: COME TO JAPAN TO HELP CHURCH PLANTERS FAMILIES This November 9-11 is the CPI National Conference and recruiting is beginning for the Children’s Ministry Team and other key positions. Come and help some cute kids and their families out. If you are interested just let us know. Pray we would have a great team this year.

Good Summer for Us

THANK YOU for praying for our July vacation time in the US visiting, Molly, our granddaughter, John’s 90 year-old mother, and other family. The trip was great and like most vacations too short. We returned to Japan hitting the ground running. THANK YOU too for praying for survival in the August heat. The Government has requested people not to use air conditioning to conserve limited electrical power. In public buildings the temperature has been set …

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