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Prayer Items Feb

February 4th, 2011 by John

1. Elaine has a LEADnet meeting on February 4th. Ask God that this would be a time of encouragement for these pastor’s wives and that they may have courage to share with each other.
2. On 2/13 we are having a Valentine’s party outreach event with the batch of couples we are sharing Jesus with. Ask God that this would be a great fun time but also a night where we are each surprised by the amazing love of God.
3. Ask God for his light and truth to guide us (Ps. 43:3) in several key leadership meetings this month with the CPI Leadership Team (2/14); JEMA meetings (2/14-15), and Rengo – Mission meetings.
4. Guest speakers, Stu and Ruth Ann Batstone from World Harvest Mission, are coming to Japan in March to be part of 3 key events for CPI. Ask God to bless registration and preparations for the Leaders’ Summit, Marriage Retreat, and Renewal Seminar next month.
5. The Converge Worldwide Japan women will be retreating at the Mehn house on 2/25-26 (John will be elsewhere). Ask God to enrich their fellowship and touch each woman’s heart.
6. Beginning around Feb 14th and possibly continuing over a month the Machida missionary residence (our home and ministry cener) will get soundproofing, remodeling as well as painting. Ask God to bless those working here that they may know Christ. Pray for patience for both of us in this process and that the key events that take place here monthly would freely continue.

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New Missionaries to Japan?

February 4th, 2011 by John

WOW! We have a potential career missionary couple visiting the Japan field Feb 4-16. They ask prayer for their travel and for wisdom and discernment as to God’s leading for them in Japan. Ask God for discernment as they visit with the mission, the Rengo, and view ministries in Japan. Maybe some of you would like to join this couple in considering Japan for your place to serve God, believe me we are short-handed.

COME TO JAPAN TO HELP THE MEHNS and a bunch of cute kids. This November is the CPI National Conference and recruiting is beginning for the Children’s Ministry Team and other key positions. Come and help us out. If you are interested just let us know.

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February Update

February 4th, 2011 by John

We had great vacation time in the US and arrived back safely last month. But we both feel like we have been thrown on a fast moving treadmill since we returned to Tokyo. This spring the speed will pick up even more with visitors coming, ministries continuing, new ministries beginning, and remodeling on our house and ministry center.

PTL! Meetings with Japanese leaders have been excellent last month. Thanks for praying. John has begun sharing the results of his doctoral research with Japanese leaders with good interest.

Ray Swatkowski and Gary Harrison, key Converge Worldwide trainers for the Retool Kit process for revitalizing churches, will be visiting Japan for two weeks conducting training for the entire Rengo leadership at the Ministers’ Seminar Feb 28-March 3rd. John is involved in coordinating some of their schedule and they will be staying at our home a few days. Ask God to bless their preparations and that the Rengo leaders would all be receptive to what God wants for their churches.

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