April News&Prayer Letter

April 2010 Both of us have been on a busy treadmill since we returned to Japan early last July.  So much has been accomplished and God continues to bless ministry on many fronts. Last November we had one of most successful CPI National Conferences as we touched the younger generation, saw more indications of life transformation, and renewed ministry vision.  God blessed and we also made money in this difficult global economy.  CPI is basically …

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Gospel Music in Japan

I was recently visiting a downtown Machida music school building: POP.  Outside was an inventory of what music and instruments they could teach.  As expected there was piano, guitar (all kinds), trumpet, trombone, clarinet, cello, electric bass, and drum.  Also listed was GOSPEL CHORUS. Since the big hit and subsequent boom in Black Gospel Music after the movie Sister Act, Black Gospel music as become part of the culture.  Many churches and ministries have ministry …

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Great 7-Up Hunt is Over

As you may know John loves 7-Up but it is hard to find even in the world’s biggest city. John wrote about it last year. Recently 7-Up has been appearing nearly everywhere in Japan. We think it could be because of the previous blog. John was in Nagoya and found it in a machine on the train platform. In Machida alone we have found it at no less than four machines. Some of them sell …

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Japanese Drums Meet Black Gospel Music

We have several friends working in Black Gospel music ministry.  This has been helpful in introducing the gospel of Jesus to Japanese.  Recently they wed this with Japan Taiko Drums which have become popular in western music. Check out this short video excerpt of a 300 member choir singing “Ride On King Jesus” with Taiko drums. PS Black Gospel music was first developed in Chicago.

Back to School

The school year started last week in Japan.  On Tuesday we were out and all the schools had their entrance ceremonies, kindergartens, grade schools, junior high, high schools and universities.   Then the parade in front of our house started on Weds.  We live along the prescribed route to the local grade school. But things are different for the imperial household this year.  Those in line to the Chrysanthemum throne have elected to go to more …

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More Encouragements

Last week John met with a Japanese church planter.  He told us that he was able in 18 months to gather 50 people in worship!  As the average church in Japan is only 36, and if churches are able to break the 50 and 80 barrier fairly rapidly they will become large healthy churches.   Another Japanese leader reported they have 17 church planting parenting networks throughout Japan and they plan to have 20 by the …

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Who Will Go to the Unreached?

Over 9 days Levi and Diane Velasco visited Japan.  Levi is the Director of Recruiting for Converge Worldwide and they wanted to sense the needs here so they can better recruit people to come to Japan.  This is from their newsletter sent from Japan. What pictures do you conjure when you hear the word “unreached”? In my mind, I see huts, muddy, potholed roads, crowded housing, slums, favelas and civil mayhem.  What if I told …

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