Nice Tie on TV

I just found out I was on Christian Television here in Japan.  I was working with one of their staff on getting a list of names of church planters that they could interview for a weekly show on church planting.  They sent me a web link to see about the program.  When I was at the home page I noticed something about the Rengo.  It was about the Coming of Age celebration on 1/12 where …

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Looking for a Big-Hearted Someone

One Japanese pastor would like someone to come for over 3 months or more to build relationships with Japanese.  Through these relationships they can share their Christian experience.  This would be with church activities, their interests, English classes and other activities to connect with people.  Depending on gifts and interests an outreach plan can be determined in discussion with the pastor and church. The pastor along with Church ministry has an NGO (Non-government Organization [Charity …

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Abe Lincoln Early Tycoon

There are a lot of Japanese loan words in the English language such as Typhoon, Kimono, Sushi, and more lately I have heard Sukoshi (a little) even on TV shows.  The loan word Tycoon really threw me.  I am from Illinois and value Abraham Lincoln highly for many reasons.  I had never heard him referred to as a Tycoon before. This is the “rest of the story.” The word tycoon is derived from the Japanese …

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Tokyo Has Good Eating

Tokyo has more high rated restaurants than anywhere else in the world including New York and Paris according to the Michelin guide.  We always new that was true as it is the largest city in the world.  Tokyo has such a rich variety of food with Western and Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian to name just a few.  For more in a BBC article see


As you read this we are winding up our short working vacation back in Illinois.  We return to Japan on 1/5.  It has been frenzied being back but extremely good family times.  Also on the work side have been possibilities for CPI in another Asian country, recruiting career workers, and recruiting ministry teams from a partnering church.  We both hit the ground running when we return to Japan and there are various things in the …

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